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  Mapleshade Speaker Cables
I just received a set of Maple Speaker Cable "Golden Helix" While heavy focal music such as Sade, Nora Jones sounded warmer and more detailed bands such as Earth Wind and Fire sounded very muted -terrible? The comarison was made with old monster cable that I rigged to bi-wire my VR4-jr in the meantine of buying speakers cables.

Any suggestions?

Thanks - Adolfo
Adolfo  (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

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04-17-06   Check the return policy.may still be able to send back if th ...   Thorman

04-17-06   Adolfo, mapleshade has a very liberal return policy. you c ...   Lateguestsnomore

04-17-06   Can't imagine why they would sound "muted" -- extr ...   Dopogue

04-17-06   adolfo, not ever auditioned any of nora jones recording ...   Metro04

04-17-06   I have both recordings you mentioned, your problems i beleiv ...   Redcarskyline

04-17-06   I have not owned the mapleshade speaker cables, but i do own ...   Blblues68

05-09-07   I would tend to agree. it is an unfortunate happenstance tha ...   Fischgrape

05-13-07   First let them burn in and give it at leaset a 100 hrs seco ...   Groovey

09-03-12   Mapleshade seems better oriented toward speakers with a bett ...   Dodger4

09-04-12   Hmm, muted is not the sound i hear with either the songle or ...   Stevecham

09-04-12   Incredibly open sounding and detailed with the standard heli ...   Nonoise

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